Living Desert, Feb 2016

My wife and I are members and frequent visitors of the Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA. Like other zoos every visit is different. Even though I’ve seen these animals many times, there’s always a new way to capture or interpret them. Sometimes you catch animals that were sleeping on previous visits, on a day when they’re very active. Sometimes I’m captivated by a particular animal I’d practically ignored on prior visits because something is different.

Photographically, I like to bring my camera and see if I can capture the same animal in different light, different pose or using a different technique.Either way, it also gives me a chance to practice techniques I’ll later use photographing wildlife – in the wild.

We recently visited the park and I was thrilled to see the Kit fox playing and the Mexican wolf in some wonderful light. The Cuvier’s Gazelle provided an opportunity to try a high-key technique, and there were several garden paths I’d never noticed before, that provided wonderful frames of vegetation in and light. Here are some pics from our visit on Saturday.

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