A New Conversation About Topics in Consulting

I’ve recently been at home recuperating and recovering from surgery and I’ve had a lot of time to think about a my history in the consulting industry and lessons and observations I’ve made in my time here.

I realized that it’s the year 2023 and I’ve been working in the GIS And Environmental Consulting industry for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve worked for government and private employers. I’ve worked with tribal government, large and small firms, and non-profits. I ran my own small consulting firm, managed offices for other firms, and earned an MBA. As an instructor, I have used my experience to mentor new students in Environmental Science, so perhaps my experience might be helpful to early-career environmental scientists and environmental consultants.

I’ve also worked for excellent and “not so good” employers (and bosses) and and have developed my own opinions on what makes a good and bad leader. With this in mind, I want to start blogging about a variety of topics in consulting – particularly environmental consulting, given my background. Thus, this particular post initiates a series of various pots related to environmental consulting that I hope early-career consultants find helpful (or at least interesting) in thinking about the direction of their new careers

While some of my posts will be technical in nature, I’m hoping my leadership advice will be most useful (and interactive ), as it’s been my experience that most leaders of small consulting firms didn’t set out to be leaders, they jut didn’t want to work for someone else. So many bosses are never taught or seek out how to be be good leaders. They gained their leadership position because they were in a particular role when their department was created. Some will take an active interest in growing into their roles and becoming better leaders, most will just plod along with their promotion to a leadership position and hope for the best.

Because consulting is a completely different type of business than making products, consulting and leadership within consulting is a topic I hoped to explore a great deal when earning my MBA, and so it it seems we should begin our exploration here

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