Some Coveted Programming Skills

To follow-up on an earlier post I wrote this year about GIS Skills, I recently read a story in Readwrite Enterprise outlining 15 programming skills most coveted by employers ( While their story was aimed at the development community, two of the 15 skills outlined in their story are definitely needed by GIS Analysts and... Continue Reading →

Landing a GIS Job and GIS Skills Development in 2013

Note: This post is a 2013 update to my earlier post on Learning GIS and Getting a GIS Job – Some Tips and Tricks which was originally posted in 2009. In 2009 I wrote a post on how to obtain a GIS job that focused on pathways to learn GIS, critical skills every GIS analyst... Continue Reading →

Learning GIS and Getting a GIS Job – Some Tips and Tricks

I’ve seen some forum posts recently from folks wanting to know how to learn GIS, and many of the responses have had fairly typical information. So, this got me thinking about my own path to learning GIS and the atypical ideas and skills I learned and developed along the way that helped me excel in the industry. So, here is a rather lengthy discussion of how I got into GIS, what I did to set myself above the pack and what recommendations I give to aspiring GIS students.

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