Reflections on Tanzania

It’s late morning in October. Hours earlier we descended from the fog shrouded ridge of the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. We’re driving along the grassy plain of the crater floor. In the distance we spot something.

Tanzania 2018

I have been wanting to visit Africa since I was a young boy. I loved animals and seeing huge elephants, lions and other African animals on TV National Geographic, Nature and other wildlife shows. In 2010, I got a chance to visit Kenya for 10 days. Though a short visit, I fell in love with Africa and had been wanting to return since I left. In 2018, my wife and I finally made it happen with a 2 week safari in Tanzania.

Retting Machine Shop

Thanks to my friend and Redlands-based photographer, Steve Wormser at Steve Wormser Photography, I had the opportunity to photographs inside the Retting Machine Shop in Redlands California.

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