A New Conversation About Leadership in Consulting

realized that it's the year 2023 and I've been working in the GIS And Environmental Consulting industry for over 20 years. In that time, I've worked for government and private employers. I've worked with tribal government, large and small firms, and non-profits. I ran my own small consulting firm, managed offices for other firms, and earned an MBA. As an instructor, I have used my experience to mentor new students in Environmental Science, so perhaps my experience might be helpful to early-career environmental scientists and environmental consultants. This post is the first in a series about leadership - particularly in consulting

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Reflections on Tanzania

It’s late morning in October. Hours earlier we descended from the fog shrouded ridge of the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. We’re driving along the grassy plain of the crater floor. In the distance we spot something.

CNPS Online Inventory of Rare Plants v9.0

For the past year, while working for Rincon Consultants, I have been working with two colleagues, Andrew Walter of The Jones Payne Group, and Mark Naftzger of Studio Simple, to develop the latest version of the California Native Plant Society's Online Inventory of Rare Plants.

Northern Serengeti Day 4 Added

I'm getting faster. This time it only took 6 days to post the newest installment of our trip to Tanzania. The page for day 4 has been added. It's our last day in the Northern Serengeti.

Northern Serengeti Part 1 Added

I have added another installment of our Tanzania journey. See photos from our flight from Kilimanjaro to Kogatende Airstrip and some of the wildlife we observed on our first half-day Safari in the Northern Serengeti. Click here to visit Northern Serengeti Part 1  

Tanzania 2018

I have been wanting to visit Africa since I was a young boy. I loved animals and seeing huge elephants, lions and other African animals on TV National Geographic, Nature and other wildlife shows. In 2010, I got a chance to visit Kenya for 10 days. Though a short visit, I fell in love with Africa and had been wanting to return since I left. In 2018, my wife and I finally made it happen with a 2 week safari in Tanzania.

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