New Updates to the California Rare Plant Inventory: version 9.5

After leaving Rincon Consultants in 2022, I continued to collaborate with the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) along with two colleagues, Andrew Walter of The Jones Payne Group, and Mark Naftzger of Studio Simple, to update the the CNPS Online Inventory of Rare Plants, that we later renamed, more simply, the CNPS Rare Plant Inventory.

In January, 2023, CNPS to announced a series of new features and updates to California’s online inventory of rare plants. The Rare Plant Inventory (RPI) is a widely-used resource guiding rare plant protection, conservation planning, land acquisition, and management in California. The updated 9.5 version of the RPI added a suite of powerful new search capabilities, including: 

  • BLM and US Forest Service Sensitive Species 
  • IUCN Red List Status 
  • Plants with seeds banked as part of California Plant Rescue (CaPR) 
  • Microhabitats (serpentine, gabbro, limestone, and many more!) 
  • California island-specific searches and endemism 
  • Threat List from the CNDDB

Full release notes can be found here:

The the update also included revisions to the home page and plant details page that further a continued evolution of this widely used resource for rare plant conservation in California.

In this version, we also wanted to acknowledge the efforts of the team who brings you the RPI, so the latest version includes a development team page

More details can be found in the CNPS announcement:


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