In 2010 I was studying species distribution modeling at the University of Arizona. I’m in my shared basement office when I get a phone call. A man on the phone explains that he’s with the University and also part of a non-profit organization that funds biodiversity projects in East Africa. He tells me he’s looking for someone to teach a unit on species distribution modeling as part of a 10-day post conference workshop that will be held in Nairobi in the fall. He says my Advisor recommended me and asks me if I’m interested. After some brief discussion I learn that the non-profit will pay my travel costs and arrange lodging with other conference participants. Free trip to Kenya? Sure.

Fast forward past the visa application, shots and travel arrangements and I find myself in Nairobi. The training was held at the Nairobi Multimedia University. For most of those 10-days we taught about 30 conservation practitioners about databases, GIS, species distribution modeling and other topics. We lived on campus and worked long days that packed a lot of knowledge.

Near the end of our stay we had some opportunities to venture out for an afternoon in Nairobi, an evening and dinner in Olepolos, and a day in Nairobi National Park.

Though my visit was short, Africa had a profound affect on me. I met some of the nicest people I had ever encountered and shared wonderful experiences in a beautiful region that captivated and infected me. I hope to return there soon.

During that visit, I shot hundreds of photos on my Canon SX120 (didn’t own a DSLR at that time) trying to document everything I could. Some of my favorite photos from that trip are below.


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